Ordering notes:

- ****online checkout isn't playing ball today, please have a look at the menu and just message me your order!!!***


- With the current pandemic in mind, we now operate by delivery only, Wednesdays-Saturdays. This is to protect your family and ours.

Surrounding areas WEDNESDAY 6pm-8pm

Skelmersdale THURSDAY 3pm-5pm 6pm-8pm

Surrounding areas FRIDAY 6pm-8pm

Skelmersdale SATURDAY 10am-12pm


We will knock three times. Kindly acknowledge your presence at your door/window. We will place your bag and leave.

If you are a key worker and not available at those times PLEASE get in touch.


- Unless otherwise stated all batches serve one, are delivered frozen, and need defrosting before cooking (or ready for the freezer). Instructions are provided on labels as a guide; please use due diligence to ensure food is hot throughout.


- Menu listings are provided with allergen information; please read our ALLERGEN POLICY before ordering and get in touch if you require more information about ingredients, as no special instructions can be applied at time of ordering.